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To give Capstar Tablets, place the pill directly in your pet's mouth or hide it in food. Cats and dogs are dosed with Capstar flea drug at a dosage of 1mg/kg orally. Capstar's oral tablet provides protection that can’t rub or wash off. Capstar contains adulticide Nitenpyram which rapidly destroys adult fleas on cats. I then go to check the other cats and one cat is panting real bad. Each box of Capstar contains 6 fast-acting tablets, so you can treat all the pets in the household. Capstar comes with 6 tablets and is designed for dogs 4 weeks and older. Capstar contains nitenpyram as an active ingredient that destroys fleas on your feline friend within half an hour of administration. Within 15 minutes giving the pill, two cats ran around screaming bloody murder. Capstar Tablets are for the treatment of flea infestations on cats and dogs. Posted on 10th April 2019 Capstar is a type of flea medication that can be given to kittens as young as 4 weeks old. Therefore, it is important to keep it locked away from children. The Capstar flea treatment packet and information sheets state that Capstar flea control pills are "safe for use in dogs and cats, puppies and kittens 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age and older." You may administer Capstar for Small Dogs (11.4 mg) or Capstar for Cats (11.4 mg) to dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 4 weeks of age or older and between 2 and 25 pounds of body weight. The medication comes in the form of a flavored tablet that is safe to give your little ones as long as they weigh at least 2 pounds, according to Novartis Animal Health, the manufacturer of Capstar. Advantage and Frontline were dreams come true for veterinarians. Hi there, You can safely give Capstar tablets to cats from 4 weeks of age and weighing over 2lbs, so it would be suitable for your older cats. Capstar tablets should be administered according to the dosing schedule on the label. Health history: Your veterinarian needs to be aware of your cat’s health status and all medications and supplements that your cat is currently taking to recommend the safest type of flea preventative. There are no known contraindications to Capstar … ... as long as they are at least 4 weeks old and weigh at least 2 pounds. Your vet can provide guidance on the best solution for your senior cat. This makes Capstar much better than its competitors. The product is generally safe for pets which are over four weeks old and at least two pounds. Control fleas with Capstar … Capstar is now available in three packages: Capstar for Large Dogs, Capstar for Small Dogs and Capstar for Cats. Capstar can also safely be given to pregnant or nursing dogs and cats. This oral flea tablet treats flea infestations in dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age or older. Weigh your pet prior to administration to ensure proper dosing. A 25-pound dog is roughly 11.4 kg and gets an 11.4 mg dose of Capstar. In some cases, fetal loss or birth defects, they’re reported after treating pregnant and lactating animals. Nitenpyram, which is the active ingredient, can be toxic to humans. Active Ingredients . Taking a look at the dose range for Capstar pills should give you an idea of the medication's safety. Here’s a breakdown of the most common flea-prevention options. CAPSTAR Tablets contain 11.4 or 57.0 mg of nitenpyram, which belongs to the chemical class of neonicotinoids. It takes just 6 hours to kill 95-100% adult fleas. Capstar is available in two dose strengths for dogs and one dose strength for cats. Capstar Flea Treatment for Dogs and Cats is an FDA approved oral pill for controlling fleas on dogs. However, there is concern over side effects of using Capstar, as with any drug you give to yourself or your pet. Capstar produces no negative side effects and is safe for pregnant and nursing females as well as puppies and kittens two weeks and older. Capstar is the best oral flea treatment for cats whose active ingredient is the Nitenpyram. Natural Care flea and tick spray is safe for kittens 12 weeks and older, plus it is safe for use around children and can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Use it in any cat and dog, perfect for multi-pet households. It is safe to give as often as once a day if your pet gets re-infested … How Does Capstar Work? It promises to kill all adult fleas and the treatment works within 4 hours and is effective on dogs and cats. No major side effects have been documented, although dogs can exhibit increased panting and excitement within 2 hours of Capstar treatment. Capstar for Dogs is safe to give as often as once per day if the dog gets reinfested. Key features: If your cat has existing problems that you are concerned about, we would always advise speaking to your vet. Capstar flea treatment is safe for use on kittens and puppies above 2 … Capstar for cats is a fast-acting treatment formulated in tablet form for killing adult fleas in cats. All web pages I went to said that capstar is safe for cats to get rid of fleas. Capstar kills adult fleas that may cause flea allergy dermatitis. The Content on this Site is presented in a summary fashion, and is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only. CAPSTAR- nitenpyram tablet Novartis Animal Health US, Inc. Capstar ® (nitenpyram) CAPSTAR® is an oral tablet for dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age and older. It is safe for adult cats and dogs as well as for those growing or at least 4 weeks of age, pregnant and lactating females, breeding females and male pets. Availability: Capstar is a non-prescription (OTC) product. You can safely give a dose of CAPSTAR as often as once per day. Fleas are nasty little critters. CAPSTAR is safe for puppies and kittens four weeks and older, weighing two pounds or greater, as well as for pregnant or nursing dogs and cats. Your cat’s lifestyle: Outdoor cats are at higher risk for flea infestations, but indoor cats are also susceptible. However, they do include several key differences. In studies, Capstar achieved greater than 90% effectiveness against adult fleas on dogs within 4 hours and cats within 6 hours. Pros And Cons Of Capstar Flea Treatment. Get safe, rapid relief from fleas with Capstar® Species: Dogs, Cats. Capstar is given to your dogs or cats through an oral pill that they swallow. Then keep CAPSTAR on hand for the times when there is a visible flea re-infestation. Capstar for dogs kills adult fleas and is indicated for the treatment of flea infestations on dogs and puppies 2 pounds of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age and older. A single dose is guaranteed to kill all of the adult fleas on your pet, but one dose per day is recommended in case of reinfestation. Get Capstar delivered quickly … Crucially, the products are non-toxic and safe for those most unique of all mammals — cats. Capstar is for dogs and cats 2 pounds or greater and 4 weeks of age and older. You want to rid your pet of them, ... You’ll only need to be out of the house for a couple of hours before it’s safe to reenter. Capstar (nitenpyram) is a fast, safe and effective treatment for removing fleas from your cats and dogs. Treat Every Cat & Dog in your Home. Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets for Cats. However, Comfortis is not safe for kittens younger than 14 weeks old. So I took them into the bathroom and just kept using the flea comb. Capstar Fast-Acting Oral Flea Treatment for Cats, 6 Doses, 11.4 mg (2-25 lbs) It’s intended for use in dogs and cats older than four weeks and weighing more than 2 pounds. In laboratory and clinical studies, Capstar tablets have been proven safe for both dogs and cats to take, and kittens and puppies over 2 pounds in body weight and 4 weeks of age. Method of Delivery. Capstar can be used on animals 4 weeks and over. The oral treatment starts working within 30 minutes and kills 98% fleas in 24 hours. Capstar Flea Tablets for Dogs and Cats - Capstar Flea Pills provide fast-acting, effective pest control - Treats flea infestations on dogs, puppies, cats and kittens four weeks of age and older and two pounds of body weight or greater - Capstar for fleas also works for pregnant or nursing dogs and cats Made in the USA using all natural plant extracts like clove extract and peppermint oil, this flea and tick spray should be sprayed directly onto your cat and worked into his skin and coat for maximum efficacy. Capguard vs Capstar: Flea Treatments for Dogs & Cats Compared. Not all flea-control options may be appropriate for older cats, and many carry restrictions regarding age or weight. See Capstar label for complete safety information. It is accessible to treat all dogs and cats that are over one month old and over 2 pounds. Capstar tablets are among the fastest-acting flea control solutions on the market. The quick acting formula knocks down adult fleas just within few minutes. Moreover, Capstar is safe to use on dogs that are at least 4 weeks old and pregnant pets. It is supplied in packs of 6 x 11mg or 6 x 57mg oral tablets. CAPSTAR … Capstar can kill fleas that are on your animal within 15 minutes and the treatment lasts for 24 hours. Safety. How Capstar Flea Treatment Tablets should be used: Capstar is approved for use in dogs and cats over 4 weeks of age and over 2 pounds of body weight. It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. Age: Different flea preventatives have different age restrictions. Capstar is an over-the-counter flea treatment. Capstar Tablets are safe, effective, and start working in as little as 30 minutes after ingestion. Safe to offer once a day when the cats can be reinfested. ... Alternatively, if your veterinarian has own pet supply outlet, it would be safer to purchase pet’s medications from his/her clinic. Indications: Rapid elimination of fleas (Ctenocephalides felis) on dogs, cats, puppies and kittens 4 weeks of age, and older. Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes An effective treatment with adulticide, it starts killing adult fleas within just 15 minutes. It is available in packages for dogs and cats 2-25 pounds and dogs 25.1-125 pounds. You may administer Capstar for Small Dogs (11.4 mg) or Capstar for Cats (11.4 mg) to dogs, puppies, cats and kittens 4 weeks of age or older and between 2 and 25 pounds of body weight. This treatment is available in the market in the form of oral tablet which can be given to kittens that are at least 2 pounds in weight. Note: Capstar is recommended for kittens and cats from 4 weeks of age and older. An entire 11.4 mg tablet will be enough for animals weighing between 1 kg to 11.36 kg. For: Cats (4 weeks of age and older and 2 pounds of body weight or greater) Dogs (4 weeks of age and older and 2 pounds of body weight or greater) Benefits: Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes Unflavored tablet Safe for pregnant or nursing dogs and cats The treatment is specially manufactured for cats aged eight weeks and older, weighing over 1.5 pounds. So I went and bought a pill for each of my six cats. Safe to any pregnant woman ; Can offer with or without food. Capstar for cats is safe to use on cats and kittens 2 lbs of body weight or greater and 4 weeks of age and older. Capstar and Comfortis are similar in more ways than they are not. Capstar is one of the fast acting flea control treatments for cats. It is an easy to administer oral treatment.

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