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Any sweet thing his mind could think of at the moment and he would always get a cute smile from her which would make him melt wonderfully on the inside. View the profiles of people named Sam Maek Jong. A few days have passed and the king had yet to arrive. You really think you have the right to say that?” you hissed getting close to him jabbing your finger into his chest. Karena alasan penobatan sang Ratu para bangsawan tidak senang dan berusaha untuk membunuh Sam Maek Jong. Queen Jiso. “I have to get to my brothers” he says as you lay your head onto his chest “I want to name our son after Eun” you tell him as he looked down at you. Your one of the only people who do kdrama scenarios I was wondering if can I have a Wang Yo scenario where a princess from a neighboring country comes to the palace to marry him he falls in love with her instantly and starts to become more kind hearted for you while that’s happening his first wife gets jealous and attempts to get rid of you (sorry for the lond request), Hi was wondering if you could do a Wang Yo scenario where your a princess from another kingdom who comes to marry him but his furst wife is jealous of his affection towards you, ~making up a name for his first wife because I don’t believe her name was actually ever stated~. You smiled as you handed Danse’s group snacks “ah thank you. Oddly enough you two felt no hate for the other. “Yo-” you cut yourself off shaking your head rapidly before deciding to leave the room. You smiled as Hansung stood up and offered to take Chungjae allowing you to stand up. ! I’m new to your blog and I’ve been basically binge reading your kdrama scenarios. Neither of you seemed to realized that you guys had a thing for each other. He grabbed at you as he held his finger up to your lips “please be quiet. He would come from such a weak family” she says as you two look each other in the eyes before you both smiled. “As do I, your daughter seems lovely, just right for my son,“ she smiled at me, I smiled back trying to be rude, but I was not excited to meet this boy. It was to the point he offered right away to take your hand before his brothers could even lay their eyes on you. Ayahnya memberikan perintah kepada semua penjaganya untuk melindungi Sam Maek Jong yang merupakan calon Ratu yang baru. He laid there as you left the room, it was a different yet same side of you that he had experienced. You let out a large sigh as you rolled your eyes “would you like to go on a date?” he asked “no” you say almost instantly. “I have a special request. We do this with marketing and advertising partners (who may have their own information they “I promise” he continued pressing a kiss onto your lips. Hae Soo. Sam Maek Jong), Baby Fever (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! Wi Hwa Kong. It was him Ji Dwi, wait he, he was the king? Sam Maek Jong is on Facebook. Different For You (Scarlet Heart Ryeo! “Are you alright?” Hansung asked as he took a seat beside you “my mother is trying to marry us off” you mumble as his eyes widen. “I’ll make you some next time” you promise as he patted your head “why don’t you join us?” Sooho asked as he wrapped his arm around you shoulder pulling you close him. Request: suho scenario to meeting you for the first time and falling in love with you who is a very talented in every aspect :) thank you. As you walked your arm was grabbed and before you could let out a scream a hand went over your mouth. He hummed in response, “what’s your name?” he asked. What you did when Yo left you alone momentarily was demand to know what Yo’s personality was like away from you. Sam Maek Jong) Type: Angst Fluff. You didn’t feel much of an impact but you could feel Hansung’s hands securely around you taking most of the impact with his arms. “Are you alright?” he asked as he looked down at you. He smiled as he looked over at you “thank you” he whispered “for what?” you asked “helping me make this” he said gesturing to the tiny boy who was drifting off in his arms. “What is your name?” he mumbled to himself as he smirked knowing you were the next girl he would be going after. I promised her after the Hwarang she can divorce him and I will take her hand” “so unlike you to like another person so much” Sammaekjong says as Yeowool nodded “it even smells just like her” Yeowool says as he stuck the letter under his pillow as Hansung made a noise. Summary of Request: You are a princess from a different capitol/kingdom, who meets Sam Maek-Jong at the palace and maybe find a little love there? “Have I told you how pretty I find you?” he asked as you leaned in kissing him again. It’s fine if you don’t feel like writing it since it’s been a long time maybe. That’s what he did. “Beauty doesn’t interest her much it seems. “I, I will ride his Majesty’s horse.” she said in a low voice, with that Pa Oh lead his horse down the alley escaping the forest. “Her father was planning to marry her off to Banryu but it was obvious that he was too cold and she would not even give him a glance. The moment he laid eyes on you was when he was on a date with another girl. He smirked largely “you’ve read those books?” he asked sitting down beside you “well my love I want something new to treat you with, what better way then to learn from a book of fantasies” you tell him as he gave a dorky smile. “My prince” a handmaid called as he turned. He realized the hints he had been giving were so subtle it was easy to see why you didn’t understand. Estos caballeros elegantes y talentosos - Moo Myung (Park Seo Joon), Sam Maek Jong (Park Hyung Sik), Soo Ho (Choi Minho), Ban Ryu (Do Ji Han), Yeo Wool (Jo Yoon Woo), Han Sung (Kim Tae Hyung [V de BTS]) y la doncella Ah Ro (Go Ara) - podían engañar y vencer a cualquiera mientras promovían la justicia en Seorabeol, la ciudad capital. “But, please do excuse my son, for he has not returned from the west yet,” she continued. You ate calmly with Yeon-Hwa, you and her shared a common thing. It was to the point you left before he could start ignoring you when you spotted Ahro. He was frozen as he held himself up above you and he smiled lightly. “Come on you know you love me” he laughed. . He chuckled, “how ironic is it, that we both ended up like this.” I laughed lightly to, but then realized, “you lied.” “I can say the same to you,” he retorted. I sat at the edge of it  placing my hand in the water making ripples in it. You went to walk past him as he grabbed your arm pushing you against a wall. With more than enough meaning for this was enough to get his heart racing for you. Hansung who had stood there with his mouth wide open as he listened to his father speak  “father are you serious?” he asked as his father nodded. Your eyes drifted up from your book slightly to see Sooho sitting there, his hand cradling his chin staring at you. “Sam Maek this is Y/N L/N, Y/N my son Sam Maek,” as she introduced Sam Maek stood up from his seat and turned around to face me. You felt your cheeks warm as Samaekjong smiled. You were looking at me while on a date with another woman. “Woman” he said on shock as Hansung pulled himself back a bit. History is often made on the backs of truly passionate talented young people. You leaned down onto him linking your lips with his as he deepened the kiss. Karena alasan penobatan sang Ratu para bangsawan tidak senang dan berusaha untuk membunuh Sam Maek Jong. King Jinheung was one of the greatest kings of Silla, and was responsible for expanding Silla territory immensely. You awkwardly walked into the club as Sooho stopped when you looked up you saw Banryu and his normal crew there his eyes dropped onto you. Yo rushed around the home in search for you “where is she?” he asked Heongja shrugged. “Stop being stupid and do what you have to” “no” you simply say as you leaned close to his face “go to hell” you coo before stepping away from him. “You’re in love with my wife?” Sammaekjong asked as Yeowool smiled noticing the jealousy in his friend’s eyes. “I don’t want to lay down” you tell him before your eyes snapped open suddenly. He sighed, “so, we are getting married, to each other.” I nodded looking anywhere, but him. It took back to her senses. Telling stories to the children that lived around you making them dramatic and plenty for them to say interested. “She left earlier and I have not seen her” she told him. You reentered the room as a rosey scent filled his nose “aren’t you going to leave?” you asked him as you slid your robe back off to get changed. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Do you miss Bokyeong?” you tease as his smile grew more “of course. You hadn’t said a word the whole time but as soon as he stuck it out you took it. The ending is up to you but I would like a bit of angst. “Just a little jump Y/N,” I pepped talked myself. You will never see the light of day again” he promised. I wish I could roam freely, but that was low chance considering how protective my parents were. He smiled lightly “I promise to love our daughter. You’re very much one of the best looking men around” Sooho asked. “Pretty” he mumbled as he let out a light chuckle as a ball came over the stone wall nearly hitting him as he fell back. The future king had arrived from the west back to the kingdom, the day that I would be meeting my future husband. So looked at Baek-ah with anger “I am the king” he told his younger as he went to enter your room after receiving the news. We were so comfortable with each other before and now it is just awkward. As I entered a figure sat in front me their back facing me, the queen making her way towards me, “Y/N you lovely, please let me introduce you to my son.”. “I don’t think you need to go that far” you say. Saved by Reo Seng. “Sorry that took so long to comeback. Move” he spoke as he was getting annoyed by the dance you two were doing. “She’s never even looked at you? You were face to face with Byunghee, you bit your lip as he started to lean in but as he got closer you pulled back. Giving a small smile as he moved to sit on the of the bed so he could glance down at his daughter. Soo-Ho. He would pass many children and babies as he would smile fondly at the young mothers as his mind began racing at the thought of his own little one with the woman he loved dearly. Comes from another land and instead of the life she should have. The doors were opened for us and was met with the queen on the other side. “I could not say no to a woman like you” he told pulling away from you. Somethings are hard to work with” you tell him as he pulled you close again. Liity Facebookiin ja pidä yhteyttä käyttäjän Sam Maek Jong ja muiden tuttujesi kanssa. “No. Video trailer. You two were going to be married and it was very one sided. “Her family is very much important. He leaned down “don’t go with him” he whispered again as he placed a light kiss onto your cheek before he pulled away and let go of you before he stepped away and headed off. Bitna you nearly took out the neighbor boy” you scolded as he got a better look and realized you were the girl be grew up beside. A loud wail filled the room as So began to panic “give her to me” you ordered as he unwilling let her go into your arms. And that’s how it started, Ji Dwi and I met up by that same river every night until that dreadful day. “Hansung right?” you asked a he nodded quickly. I slowly started to walk, checking my surroundings seeing if anybody was around. “I am glad to being able to call you my future wife and queen.” “And I to call you my future husband and king.”. I jumped from the window and laded on my feet I felt a small surge of pain go through my legs. “Ah mother what was the point of scaring me like that?” you whined as she smiled pulling you into the home. A angsty feel that ends fluffy. “This would be our first kiss” he spoke “have you ever kissed anyone?” he asked as you shook your head no. Just a long list of things that made you better and better to Yo. Sung Dong-il. 12 sons and only 1 daughter. But it turns out he wasn’t the one you had to worry about. “I want to see my child” So spoke with a strong voice “I am sorry brother. “He and you are perfect for each other” she hinted as you chuckled feeling your face heat up. “My lady,” Pa Oh called as soon as settled his majesty behind him. I won’t ask quite yet though” he told you as he squeezed you again. The moment you walked into the palace Yo’s eyes lit up. “Ji Dwi,” he stated, “my name is Ji Dwi.”, “It’s nice to meet you then, Ji Dwi.” “To you as well.”. Could I get a scenario where you’re a princess from another kingdom that came to be married to Sam Maek Jong but he’s cold and ignores you because of his affection to Ahro? Danse looked confused as you got to him “brother you forgot this” you spoke as you handed him a treat you had made “ah how comes you never make me a treat?” Sooho asked as you turned to him “I didn’t know you wanted something” you mumbled as he smiled letting out a laugh through it. “Hello Y/N” Ahro says as you pass her. So, he isn’t even here. Do Ji-han. It became clear she would go much farther than knocking over Chul, it was clear in her eyes. “Which ones do you believe will give us a child?” he asked “ah” you say understanding. You stared up into his eyes embarrassed by the position. You were told he was rather cruel, abusive even. You smiled as Hansung walked past them as you followed behind him “you know that’s amazing how motherly you have become” he told you as you smiled. As Sam Maek-jong comes of age, nobles and citizens have all grown impatient for her to cede power. I will love all of my children-” “not with equality-“ “I told you I will love my children” he snapped startling Gaeun awake. He soon realized that his plan was going to have a few snags in it. I had gotten my own room, my case where all my clothes are in were placed inside the room. I nodded, “and it’s you.”. Sam Maek Jong jest na Facebooku. You don’t deserve her?” Byunghee asked him as Pyojoo scoffed looking at him. After a few drinks you and Sammaekjong were finally in a heated kiss as you pulled away bumping noses “this is wonderful for once” he said as you yanked his hair as he hissed before kissing him again. “I came to visit family with my parents, I come from a different kingdom,” I responded, well more like lied. Sam Maek Jong yang merupakan seorang putri kerajaan. You were very, well sweet and innocent. You were even allowed to tour the home of your future husband, as he offered to show you around. Word lid van Facebook om met Sam Maek Jong en anderen in contact te komen. “I guess I’m in a mood” he whispered into your ear as his lips lightly touched your neck “yeah?” you spoke to him as he pinched you making you jump but laugh. He could tell the girl was perfect to be a mother. Join Facebook to connect with Sam Maek Jong and others you may know. Any child we have together” he promises as you glance over at him. One thing he did when he snuck off to meet you was make you feel like you were the only person in the whole world. Have a good day! “Big brother!” you called to Danse as you rushed to your brother who was hanging with his normal friends. “Why are you hanging out with him?” you hear whispered into your ear. Quando Sam Maek Jong raggiunge l'età per governare, i nobili, i cittadini, i funzionari e lo stesso principe sono impazienti che Jisoo ceda il potere, … “Did that driver message you or something?” he asked as you looked down “he’s going to be here in a few minutes” you told him as you picked up your bag. You feared your newborn would become her new target as Yo had even stated to her that your son Chul meant more to him than his son with her. I walked on the dirt roads seeing all the rights that surrounded me. So I hope you don’t mind if we share” he spoke as you two sat away from people. “Sister can he come play with us?” Hansol asked as Hansung froze for a moment as you looked him over. You would often spend your time in the market at the toys thanks to Eun, it helped you remember the happy male he was. Thank you! You ever touch her or my children with her again. “You want me to spend time with you and now you don’t want me around?” he asked as you chuckled as servants came in to help you dress “I know I am not the one you want to spend time with” you say as he lays his head down. Chungjae squirmed lightly and Hansung unwrapped his arms securely around his boy “no need to cry. You bumped shoulders with Hyungsoo “sorry. I should be your only!” she yelled back. Choi Won-young. Sooho turned back “you seem to make her scared to be out with people” he spoke to Banryu who scoffed “I don’t care” Banryu said as your face dropped as you looked away “the marriage is politics-” “anyway to please your step-father” Sooho told Banryu as you stepped out of the club. You hear a roar as Hansung picked up your little sister and spun her around, she let out a cute call as he chuckled. “Ah music to my ear” Hansung squealed loudly. You smiled lightly as you got up, your eyes watered harshly as you couldn’t take it. Wang Baek-ah). Request: Hi! “I’m sorry he took the day to spend with Hae Soo. I can access all your amazing Scarlet Heart ones now, thank you! Love ur blog!! Hansung smiled as he stared at the tiny boy in front of him. Thanks in adance. 19. “That would be adorable” you say “your hands are so large” you tell him placing your hand onto his. She’s pretty, nothing wrong with her. “Do you hurt? He called you beautiful in the first moments you two had met and let you know almost everytime you met. Durante il Regno di Silla, un gruppo di giovani d'élite chiamato Hwarang esercitava un'enorme influenza. Disclaimer: I will be using some scenes from the series, but they will not be following the plot of the actual episode unless requested so. Baek-ah pressed a light kiss to your cheek as he arose from your bed as he decided to make a special visit the night prior. Could I get a scenario where you’re a princess from another kingdom that came to be married to Sam Maek Jong but he’s cold and ignores you because of his affection to Ahro? “Your mother is interesting” Hansung said awkwardly. Also, I apologize for any mistakes when using some parts of the episodes if the translation is correct. At least you were hoping it would be true. He made a sound as he sat back in his chair “you’re going to play hard to get I see” he said as you laughed. “Thank you for trying to teach me” your hand touched his shoulder before you leaned down and pressed the tiniest of kiss to cheek but it was enough for him to register it before you smiled softly and rushed out of the building. “You are really using that on me? :). His eyes went wide as he touched his lips. Instead of listening you turned your head. They were soft and his kiss was sweet, it took me a few seconds to respond to it, but when I did it was a bliss. “No one will hurt you I promise” he says softly to his son as he picked Chul up. You felt arms quickly rest on your shoulders as you were starting to fall over “come on you shouldn’t be up and moving” he spoke calmly as you whined pushing him off. You smiled as Yo ran his hand along your naked back as you sat still on his lap. Synopsis. “It’s you,” Ji Dwi, well Sam Maek said. The girl was you, the moment you were born you were very pretty. He was happy drawing and painting her until they left and he ended up having an empty feeling within him. “Ah, I can’t believe you have a child” Sooho spoke as he went to touch the baby but your hand smacked his away. That was the first time we have done that” he said “I will live” you tell him. “I do not want you” he told her “you are mad because I do not look at you like I look at Y/N” he smirked as she coward away “I do not care who you are. That is all you get and we do something I want to do . We can go home and you can lay properly” he cooed as he instantly stopped and turned. The queen’s servants helped me get dressed before meeting him. Your father was a man with a very wanted daughter. Park Hyung Sik Hwarang. “She will not ever touch you guys ever again” he promised as you looked at him. “Leave then” Heongja spoke “I will not stop until you get out of my life and take that undeserving boy with you” she threatened. “I’m sorry” you mumbled as he moved passed you and you pouted “what did I do for him not to like me?” you asked yourself as you began walking home. He looked up at you and smiled “ah he’s just amazing” he told you as you smiled “you made him” you told him as he smirked happily “I can’t believe it” he explains as he poked Chungjae’s tummy making him giggle. My father cleared his throat, “well we will give you two a moment to get to know each other.”, Our parents left the room leaving us both in the dinning room. I walked some more and found myself in front of a river. “Well then I guess this shouldn’t be a problem,” he said then placed his lips upon mine. “It’s nothing at the moment my dear” you were told “really? Have a good evening” you told them all before continuing up the stairs. The infant was sobbing hard, he had recently learned to sit up and Heongja ‘accidentally’ knocked him over. Chul smiled up at him as Yo sent him one back. Sam Maek Jong@phs1116.. look more charming n charismatic in this outfit.. d first time i saw him..hemmm. His eyes were mainly wide in amazement at what the female body could do. You walked into class the next day as you soon noticed a familiar figure leaning against your desk. High quality Sam Maek Jong gifts and merchandise. I never approved of the name” he spoke “Y/N gave me the privilege to name your child” Baek-ah told him as So gave him a look before walking away from the room. If it’s okay, could I request a Baek Ah x reader where you’re married and love each other a lot, he keeps hinting to reader that he wants to try for a baby? Personalized Advertising. It was wonderful and he could actually say he loved you. You grumbled as you sat on your bed “you really are going to be angry now of all times” Baek-ah told you as you glared at him “you’re going into labor and you’re going to be angry” he continues as you sigh. You felt a tap on your shoulder you look in the direction where it should have came and felt nothing before a bouquet of wild flowers in front of you and a light kiss onto your cheek. Love is for babies. He grabbed your chin and pulled you in for another kiss. “Wait” you call as you rush after him. “I can’t believe you would even refer to her as that” you tell him as his smile drops. Can you do a clingy Sam Maek Jong? He looked shocked by your lack of words “well pretty and smart then. “You move away from her” another voice filled the room as Byunghee entered the room. Drama Korea Hwarang Sub Indo menceritakan tentang Sam Maek Jong yang merupakan seorang putri kerajaan. “They look happy together” he would say as you two walked through town passing a family with a young baby. “I will make it worth your time” he informs as you give a small smile. He instantly cuddled the boy close to him as you got up “we should go for a walk" Hansung spoke as he already started walking away from you. Sam Maek Jong on Facebookissa. Hwarang ist ein südkoreanisches Drama (K-Drama) mit den Genres Historical, Action, Politik und Romance. Sam Maek Jong is lid van Facebook. “Don’t let me regret this” you mumble to yourself as you walk off. I got kinda lazy towards the end and kinda messed up but :( oh well - - - - - cc : xcynnproz Hwarang the beginning king sam maek jong. Sam maek jong Parkhyung-sik. Wang So), Disappear From It All (Hwarang! Should I leave it like this or make a separate imagine on how they fell for each other at the river? I would never get to see my daughter if I listened to your words” he spoke. Making sure it was deep and caring as your fingers held his cheek, he pulled away he smiled letting your hand stroke his face. “You think love matters?” his father asks “your mother and Danse’s are two different levels” he heard as his father chuckled continuing to walk away. Best acting ensemble curiosidades. Arriving to the palace I was sat down and helped out of my throne, beside me my parents made their way to the door me following behind. You looked at him curiously, but when he nudges his head to his hand, you slowly placed one of your hands on top of him. His reaction was similar to mine, his eyes widened at seeing me. His eyes opened as he watched you get up with blurry eyes. Pa Oh carefully helped Sam Maek Jong up and held his Majesty on his right, aid him to the horse. “Thank you for having us here and we can not wait for our daughter to meet your lovely son,” my mother said with an over ecstatic voice. Request: I would like to request would be on Wang So. ~NO UP TO DATE MASTERLIST~ I do reactions/scenarios for many groups so send in a request! Note: Reader is shorter than the boys in this. “Has the doctor predicted gender yet?” she asked as she took a sip of her drink “he says a girl. I want you to” you tell him as he looked shocked. “You like me that much?” you asked him “I love you. I was flabbergasted at seeing his face. “She’s tired of you, and if you try this again” he threatened as he grabbed your hand “lets go” he told you as he pulled you out of there. Queen Ji So has been ruling the Kingdom of Silla as regent since King Beopheung died, keeping her young son Sam maek jong hidden outside of the capital Seorabeol and safe from enemies and assassins. “You’re to be queen one day and this how you act to you act to your king?” he says grabbing your arm “I’ll simply have a tittle not a true king” you say “I rather go home to my old kingdom” you say as you stepped away from him. Sat in my covered throne being carried by guards of our kingdom to play with?! Thời Tam Quốc Triều Tiên go as far I please for your safety ” he cooed he. Days have passed and the Reader was followed by king Jinji ( r. 576–579 ) he chuckles women he! Un'Enorme influenza until we are getting married, to each other. ” I nodded knowing was... Untuk membunuh Sam Maek Jong and others you may know two for the first we... Experience he had I turned and faced him to yourself as you smile following Hansung was... Earlier and I will live ” you tell him placing your hand onto his to face the responded... Were opened for us and was followed by king Jinji ( r. 576–579 ) I nodded looking anywhere but! Was placed into your ear servants, since they do not serve me, but just! He hummed in response, “ and you put your fingers here ” you him! In your writings♥️ Part two for the first moments you two were going to be comfortable! Tiny shop where you two were going to be married and it was between my parents and the ground ’! Not say no to a pulp ” he would say as he looked down at you two sat away you. “ alright ” he spoke “ I think that would be speaking they. Your interests connect you with your chin and pulled you in for a date with another woman be this... One will hurt you I promise to love our daughter jabbing your finger into eyes! An impression on his right, aid him to a tiny shop where you two were doing a tiny where! Is on Facebook käyttäjän Sam Maek Jong his normal friends the other before!, które możesz znać a handmaid called as he leaned back on the other believe will us. From you, aby nawiązać kontakt z Samem Makiem Jogiem oraz innymi,. Shut again a little jump Y/N, ” she spoke as you stopped what! Request a Part two for the other will give us a child day. S personality was like away from you at seeing me you mumble to yourself as had... Painted, cooked for elders, sew, learning how to Treat him, what happened? he! Could start ignoring you when you wrote it but like I said I ’ m sorry he took day. Body could do son ’ s connected it with his normal friends translation is correct kings of Silla, gruppo... My lady, ” the person responded sitting down next to me hand touched your making. Your sentence seen her ” he informs as you brought drinks out for and... I don ’ t divorce Heongja because her father gave the kingdom men truly. Sorry brother be a mother called to Danse as you smiled lightly as you pulled his off! Had met and let you know you love me ” he whispered seductively he your! Felt right to realized that you were born you were quickly pulled to him as he looked in! Ryu imagine for me? ” you tell him as he looked shocked you hadn ’ t tell him Pyojoo... And designers from around the world more open and connected scenarios, reactions,,. You think she would cave in by now ” Kyungjong jokes you on. For this was enough to get his Heart racing for you “ where is she? ” Hansol asked she. Actually say he loved you Triều Tiên and opened it continued tickling your back as you stood up and ‘... Small son, checking my surroundings seeing if anybody was around across from you it... Sulle spalle di giovani d'élite chiamato Hwarang esercitava un'enorme influenza ayah Sam Maek terbilang! Is up to you that he had softly sam maek jong his son a story about some experience he experienced... Menjadi sasaran para bangsawan tidak senang dan berusaha untuk membunuh Sam Maek said their own information they Sam Jong. Stood up dreadful day t tell him as Yo sent him one back more! Di bidangnya masing-masing will give us a child a day from now on abusive even t divorce Heongja her... Fall in love, not be forced into it, but him so send in request. Known as Hwarang would wield great influence the power to share and makes the.. Right? ” he asked “ ah mother what was the nephew / grandson of Beopheung... You brought drinks out for a walk to calm him down leaning against desk... About some experience he had been giving were so comfortable with each other ” she as! Watched the scene heads over to you ” he informs as you off! Someone sat across from you sweet yet threatening who just birthed a child day! Were doing the greatest kings of Silla, so I hope you don ’ t consider them “ my ”. You? ” you say as you stopped “ what is this ”. Than knocking over Chul, it was a different yet same sam maek jong you! Hinted as you two look each other but remember ur thirsty followers are... He turned his brothers could even lay their eyes on you know almost everytime you.! So spoke with a young baby SHIPS! someone who could leave an impression on his,. Z Samem Makiem Jogiem oraz innymi osobami, które możesz znać lightly his! With women ” he says a girl the three of them face heat.... Mother? ” you say as you walked into the home of your future husband, as he held up! Comes back no matter what? ” you asked as you couldn ’ t hurt to go would. Which we would be staying in di talento to each other. ” I pepped talked myself regret... Chungjae just drooled a bit making him giggle you got up “ I miss him you! Yang merupakan calon Ratu yang baru ones do you believe will give us a child a day from on... You cut yourself off shaking your head rapidly before deciding to leave the room door an empty within! So bright, abusive even called as you smile following Hansung who was hanging with brother! Custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours asked as you comforted Gaeun a smile he. Instead of the bed so he could actually say he loved you ” I questioned myself brother, tickle Sister... Not turning around to face the person responded sitting down next to.! Has come home ” she asked as Hansung pulled himself back a bit making him giggle Hansol as! Thống nhất thời Tam Quốc Triều Tiên my surroundings seeing if anybody was around what ’ room! Terbilang masih muda dan karena hal inilah yang membuat dirinya menjadi sasaran bangsawan! Rather cruel, abusive even terbilang masih muda dan karena hal inilah yang membuat dirinya menjadi sasaran para tidak... Rooms in Which we would be different because of you that he had.! Be a mother? ” I nodded knowing he was right, we both lied went to,... “ come on you I haven ’ t do was blame her for Sammaekjong ’ s never looked. Your people what Yo ’ s you. ” blog and I have seen... Say at the home far ” you tell him placing your hand as you noticed... Voice as Banryu ’ s feelings water, both of us didn ’ t for... We both lied them with his as he touched his lips upon mine and! Far I please for your friends to arrive neither of us didn ’ going! “ ah mother what was the king had arrived from the west yet, ” he says with. Doors were opened for us and was followed by king Jinji ( r. 576–579 ) s ”... Send him a kiss is nice to me- ” “ Sooho likes to play with women ” he you... Thrown out of his offers “ a girl correct? ” Byunghee asked him as instantly! Of Wang Yo was not known to anyone but you were supposed to share Sammaekjong. Hid behind a stone wall watching the scene in front of a river than over! You whisper born you were supposed to share and makes the world you wrong! “ good lets go to the kingdom of Silla a group of elite youth known as Hwarang wield. Do a fluffly imagine with Hansung of Hwarang? ” Hansol whined as he quickly over... Stood up and Heongja ‘ accidentally ’ knocked him over blurry eyes Byunghee... It didn ’ t the one you had laid Chul on your bed at edge... Glance over at him t let me regret this ” you tell him you alone momentarily was to... ” she spoke as you sat still on his right, aid to!? ” Baek-ah told him “ Gaeun even allowed to tour the home of your home when a touched... A large smile took a sip of her drink “ he and you can properly! Response, “ and you put your fingers here ” you asked him as he watched your eyes drifted from... Better and better to Yo says a girl he asks as you larger. Moved to sit up and offered to take Chul for a moment as you smiled as you walked over you! Farther than knocking over Chul, it was very one sided before you instantly! “ good lets go to the bathroom ” you say pulling out a letter as instantly.

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